Frequently asked questions

If I purchase one of your products, what will be delivered to me?

All of our products come in hdf (wooden) lasercut boards, A3 sheet dimensions, in a plastic bag, together with an A3 cover and full, detailed A4 instructions. Once you open the bag, you will pop pieces out of the boards as you usually do with cardboard tokens. Instructions will guide you from which pieces will have to be popped out of the board for each tray, to where every piece will go where, step-by-step. All you’ll need is a bit of wood or PVA glue. The last page of the instructions is a guide to reinsert all trays in the correct sequence in the original game box. No skills are needed, joints’ shape and instructions guarantee an easy to assemble experience for everyone!

How could I realize which components can be put where, once I assembled the organizer?

All of our products have guide lasercut engravings which show the exact slot where to put the pieces; they are both a guide and an aesthetic improvement. We usually draw pieces to be language independent; written engravings will be in english language. Also, instructions have photos of each tray and slot, filled with the correct piece type.

Do I need any skill to assemble your products?

Absolutely no skill is needed to assemble our organizers; instructions will guide you step-by-step and the shape of the joints guarantees that pieces can’t be put in the wrong place. If you strictly follow the instructions, you won’t have any problem in assembling. Joints are very soft, you won’t absolutely need hammers or mallets to assemble, so, if for any case you put a piece in the wrong space, you won’t break anything to remove it. PVA glue is needed to assemble, so you’ll have plenty of time to realize if something went wrong during assembly, and reassemble during drying time.

Where do you ship your products?

Our products are shipped worldwide from Italy; we care a lot on packaging and use the best couriers, such as FedEx, to deliver shortly and safely our products.

Where are your organizers produced?

Our organizers are 100% designed and produced in Italy; raw materials are produced in Italy too. This, in order to be sure that every single piece of our products is compliant to the highest quality standards. We personally monitor all supply and productions steps, from hdf thickness and aspect, to manufacturing quality, to packaging. Nothing is left to chance.

What if a piece is missing or accidentally breaks down during assembly? Do you deliver spare parts?

Our customer service is at your disposal for ANY question and information request. Not only we can deliver spare parts if something is missing for any reason or if a piece accidentally breaks during assembly. We will also answer to all your questions and clear any doubt if, for example, you get stuck during assembly, or if, for any reason, you don’t feel sure during any assembly step. We’re here at your disposal, to help. We speak either English or Italian, and a bit of spanish too. Automatic translators will do the rest!

Do you accept pick up on site? Where, exactly?

Our headquarters is near Milan, in Italy. So we’ll gladly accept all requests for pickup in Milan at our headquarters. If you wish to request a pick up on site, send us a message before purchasing, and we’ll guide you to buy this way.

Will the instructions be in English?

Yes, all instructions are both in English and Italian language.

Can I paint or decorate your products?

Of course you can, you can use a lot of different varnishes and paints, we recommend using water-based products. You can use the sides of the boards to make all the experiments you want, before going to the pieces. We use hdf, high density fibreboard, as material.

What do I need to assemble your products?

Just a little of PVA or wood glue. No hammer or wallet is needed, and no skills in particular!

I can't find an organizer for my game!

The Dicetroyers’ forge of ideas is always in business and our line of organizers is constantly expanding: you can help us choosing the next boardgame to organize by answering our product survey!